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The Hispanic Technology and Telecommunications Partnership (HTTP), which advocates for access to and the full adoption and utilization of technology and telecommunications resources by the Hispanic community in the United States, supports the recent announcement by Federal Communications Commissioner Brendan Carr to streamline the historic and environmental review processes, which represent a possible hindrance to efficient deployment of small cell wireless technology.

Given the nature of small cell 5G wireless deployments, mainly their relative size compared to conventional infrastructure, a review and update to the federal historic and environmental review process is warranted. Given the race to 5G global leadership, it is crucial that the federal government does everything it can to ensure it does not become a deployment bottleneck. With so much on the line, including critical technology like the Internet of Things, and “Smart Cities”, HTTP supports streamlining 5G deployment to get the most cutting edge technology capabilities into the hands of all citizens, and especially the Latino community. Additionally, faster, better wireless broadband will likely catalyze economic growth and in turn job growth.

As always, HTTP hopes that the end result of this vote is a smart policy that takes into account the feedback from all key stakeholders to ensure all aspects are considered. HTTP is, however, encouraged to see that Commissioner Carr is addressing a possible roadblock to efficient 5G mobile deployments and removal of unnecessary regulatory barriers.

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