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The Hispanic Technology and Telecommunications Partnership (HTTP) and its member organizations vehemently urge Congress to reach a resolution that provides the approximately 690,000 DACA recipients with a fair and just permanent status designation and an end to living in fear of deportation. The time to act is now. Despite immigration being highly politicized and a topic filled with false rhetoric, it is important to ensure that the facts are understood by those making these life-changing decisions for people who have been in the country virtually their entire lives. One crucial, foundational fact is that despite the xenophobic notion that immigrants have a negative impact on the U.S., immigrants in general, but especially DACA recipients, contribute meaningfully to the cultural, intellectual, and economic development of the United States.
When discussing DACA it is very important to also consider the following facts about DACA recipients:
Dreamers pay taxes. DACA recipients pay roughly $2 billion each year in state and local taxes.
– Many beneficiaries of the program serve in the US Military. There are approximately 900 DACA recipients serving.
– Dreamers contribute to the wellbeing of their communities. Countless DACA recipients volunteered in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.
72% of recipients are pursuing higher education. 1.2 million students in American high schools and colleges are enrolled in or eligible for DACA.
– More than 91% of DACA recipients have jobs.
Dreamers are business owners. DACA recipients are twice more likely to start a business than the average U.S. citizen.
– The majority of recipients are children younger than age 25
– Polls have indicated that the majority of registered voters in the U.S. believe that DACA recipients should be given permanent citizenship

Dreamers are Americans and this should not be a partisan issue, this should be a humanitarian and a morality issue. The decision made will have a profound impact on people who have sacrificed and contributed significantly to our country in innumerable ways. But it will also have a profound and direct impact on the economic well being of our country because, as stated, the United States benefits greatly from DACA recipients not just culturally but economically. The Center for American Progress estimates that the U.S. will lose $460 billion in GDP over the next decade without the DACA program.
Once again, HTTP and its members call on Congress to act and provide the permanent solution these hardworking, law-abiding members of our society deserve. They represent the best of the American Dream.

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