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Imagine a country where every citizen has virtually equal access to affordable broadband connection. Imagine every child being able to complete homework that requires the use of the internet at home. Imagine low-wage workers being able to apply to better positions to provide a secure future for their family. Imagine the emergency room wait time reduced because more people have access to quality health care at home via their computer or tablet. Access to broadband represents access to the plethora of educational, professional, medical and other resources made available by the internet. These benefits, though, come with financial and safety risks as well.

The sound of Christmas music in every shopping center and the leaves falling from the trees are reminders that the holidays are around the corner. The holidays and the ever-increasing propensity for online shopping bring the risk of identity theft, an understandable topic of concern for many shoppers. Bankrate estimates that in 2016 alone, 41 million Americans were victims of identity theft. When every credit card swipe represents the potential for thieves to steal personal and financial information, it’s important that we understand the risks. The point is not to scare people into hoarding cash under their mattresses and never going online – it’s that consumers must take proactive measures to ensure their own online safety. With that in mind, here are some everyday tips that consumers can start using today to help proactively secure personal and financial information.

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