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Rosa Mendoza Dávila, Executive Director of the Hispanic Technology and Telecommunications Partnership (HTTP), has been selected to represent HTTP and the Latino community on the Broadband Deployment Advisory Committee (BDAC), by Chairman Ajit Pai of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). She will work specifically on the Competitive Access to Broadband Infrastructure Working Group. The stated mission of the BDAC is “to make recommendations for the Commission on how to accelerate the deployment of high-speed Internet access, or ‘broadband’, by reducing and/or removing regulatory barriers to infrastructure investment.”

Ms. Mendoza Dávila looks forward to the opportunity to work closely with the FCC and make recommendations that will benefit the Latino community. In helping the FCC continually improve its understanding of the impact that increased broadband deployment on the Latino community has it can help the Commission to make more informed, responsible and inclusive decisions regarding all aspects of increased broadband deployment, particularly in Latino neighborhoods.

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