Home » Uncategorized » The Hispanic Technology and Telecommunications Partnership’s (HTTP) Statement on FCC Chairman Ajit Pai’s Proposed Net Neutrality Rulemaking

The Hispanic Technology and Telecommunications Partnership (HTTP) strongly supports an open Internet and advocates for all consumers, particularly Latinos who are still on the wrong side of the digital divide, to have equal access to broadband and all Internet resources that ensure professional and personal success, as well as all the necessary legal protections.

HTTP believes Title II is not the appropriate regulatory mechanism to keep the Internet free and open. Instead, the focus should be on regulatory solutions that ensure access, innovation, investment, and transparency and where services for consumers are not degraded or throttled and where they are protected.

Moving forward, it is clear that Congress is the best federal institution to codify net neutrality rules once and for all. Congress should take action and provide a solution that can ensure the Internet is regulated by a modern regulatory framework that includes strong consumer protections, encourages investment and innovation, and facilitates the Internet’s continued development and promotes further adoption by the Latino community.

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