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The Hispanic Technology and Telecommunications Partnership (HTTP) is the leading voice and advocate for the Latino community as a coalition of Latino serving organizations. According to Census numbers, the population of Latinos in the United States is approaching 60 million. By 2060, the Census estimates that Latinos will make up 28% of the U.S. population. Latinos are also a very young population, according to Pew, citing that 60% of Latinos are millenials or younger. This makes our mission all the more imperative as Latinos are poised to shape the future of the U.S.

The advocacy work we do spans important topics such as broadband access and adoption, in addition to the curation of educational resources, and development of original content that highlights technology issues facing Latinos daily in the United States. HTTP partner organizations share our vision and we are proud of the work and progress we have made in encouraging legislation that will help our communities bridge the digital divide, spur investment in infrastructure, and foster a stronger U.S. economy.

Our organization has recently been scrutinized regarding our priorities and the positions we take on issues by bloggers who take infrequent vacations into the realm of diversity issues. HTTP will not back down from giving a voice to Latinos on the issues that impact the community. As experts, we know through research, analysis and experience the issues that impact our community. HTTP always has and always will represent the best interests of the Latino community as it pertains to technology, telecom and media issues.

HTTP will continue to advocate for smart policies that benefit the Latino community and help increase access and adoption of broadband resources, as
• Latinos are severely impacted by the digital divide and consequently are not able to take full advantage of opportunity in the Internet economy;
• Latino children suffer from the lack of broadband access at home making it more difficult to realize their potential in school and face a serious disadvantage seeking employment;
• Latinos are underrepresented in positions of power, in the boardrooms and in the overall tech industry, particularly in Silicon Valley
• Latinos are adversely impacted by cybersecurity threats, including online scams, identity theft, and hackers with malicious intent
• Latinos fight against less to be owners in media sector

These are a few examples of the issues on the HTTP agenda. We provide thoughtful analysis on these issues on behalf of the Latino community because every tech issue in one way or another will impact the largest minority community in the United States – Latinos!

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