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The economy. Healthcare reform. Foreign policy. Tax plans. Immigration. These were some of the central issues for the 2016 presidential election platforms. One issue we did not hear much about, which is a major factor for the continued economic growth of our country, is access to technology and telecommunications.

HTTP would like to learn about the new administration’s plans for the crucial programs that help minorities and rural communities adopt and maintain access to technology and telecommunications resources. It is imperative for the incoming administration to commit to technology investment and sensible policies that promote access and adoption. Whether it is ConnectEd, Lifeline, or any other government-run programs, they must take a strong stance on ensuring these programs continue to improve and evolve over time.

HTTP represents the voice of the Latino community that finds itself on the wrong side of the digital divide. We are strongly committed to advocating for policies and programs that align with our mission and are critically important to low-income families, and especially Latinos trying to compete in a technology-driven world for jobs, educational resources, medical care, and other resources.

We strongly support and advocate for policies that facilitate investment in technology and that in turn help keep the United States not only competitive but a leader in the worldwide technology ecosystem.

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