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The Hispanic Technology and Telecommunications Partnership (HTTP), a coalition of 19 of the largest national Hispanic organizations, strongly supports an open Internet but is disappointed that in pursuit of net neutrality, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) acted to impose an onerous and outdated regulatory regimen, over 300 pages of new regulations that will hinder adoption among Latinos.

Today, the Hispanic community leads the way in adopting mobile broadband but lags behind in high speed Internet access at home. Without pointing to any specific problems with the current state of the Internet, the FCC has voted to increase the cost of access to the Internet by utilization of outdated Title II regulations, which will not only inject legal ambiguity but also cause decreased investment in our broadband infrastructure. We believe that all consumers, particularly underserved minority communities, should have equal access to broadband and to all legal content and applications on the Internet. If the United States is to maintain its global lead in All Things Internet, it is incumbent upon Congress to act and ensure these services are easily available and affordable to all consumers by overturning these harmful regulations.

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